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About Us


Our Mission is to significantly improve the health status of its population through the prevention of illness, the promotion of health education, the provision of quality primary care, access to the under-served and a strong commitment to chronic disease and pain management.


Ben Archer Health Center has been providing services since 1972, starting in Hatch, NM.  We expanded services to Truth or Consequences and Dona Ana in 1994 and Columbus in 1998.  The Alamogordo site opened in August 2000.  The Deming site opened in 2004.  A second site opened in TorC in 2005 to serve school-age children adolescents.  The Radium Springs site opened in 2008.  The Las Cruces site on Motel Blvd opened in 2011.  The Mayfield School-Based site on Bruins Lane opened in 2013.  Our newest site in Las Cruces opened in 2015.


Clinic Contact Information

Hatch Clinic

TorC Clinic

Dona Ana Clinic

Columbus Clinic

Alamogordo Clinic

Deming Clinic

TorC School-Based Clinic

Radium Springs Clinic

Las Cruces Clinic

Mayfield School-Based Clinic